Tiny Spoons is an organic food brand focused on creating clean food for babies. Their collection of fruit purees are made from veggies and fruits sourced from the organic and sustainable farms of Euorope.

Graphics For Social Media

Project 1.6 actively created a community of mothers, particular about their children’s nutritional intake and diet through engaging content and digital campaigns that related to the target audience at a deeply personal level.

Tiny and Elphy are two adorable characters who take us through a journey of discovery about health and wellness through food. These two quintessential mascots have had a vital role to play in building up the brand identity.

Tiny Stories

Tiny Stories is a heartwarming series of short video tales, where we see Tiny and Elphy learning from their adventures. These helpes Tiny Spoons to stand out not just as a clean food brand, but also as every child’s caring companion!


The #HumforTums campaign was Project 1.6 led, Tiny Spoons initiative, which stemmed from the idea that good food is every child’s right. Tiny Spoons collaborated with Mom Bloggers across India who helped to distribute puree packets to underprivileged children, working slowly towards a zero hunger nation.